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IrelandxDenmark (Art trade)
IrelandxDenmark Paparazzi (trade)
We are the crowd
We're co-coming out
Got my flash on, it's true
Need that picture of you.

(Denmark’s P.O.V)
I needed it. I needed a picture of Ireland, and I needed it now. I had even brought a new camera with me! It was worth quite a bit, but it’s worth it... I’ve already gotten over a hundred pictures of her but for some reason, I need to add more to that collection. Oh yes, I needed more pictures of her, and I’m getting them at all costs.
I could even picture the two of us together. With my arms around her, hugging her close to me, as I got a decent view of her and her *cough* junk. I mean.. Of her face of course. Yeah! That would be an awesome sight alright, Norway would be so jealous of me~
Leather and jeans
Garage glamorous
Not sure what it means
But this photo of us

She wasn’t really the one to show off her body too much, which was a bummer really! She always dressed so casual...Maybe if I sent her a
:iconaznbubblegumz:aznbubblegumz 1 1
2p!CanadaxMermaid!OC (Com for MissCrazy97)
I sighed as I swam around my home- cross that,this whole place was basically my home! After all, Mermaids were known to be kings and queens of the ocean. However, I was just a waitress- someone who goes around serving food for others hoping to make a decent profit. I didn’t hate my job or anything- in fact I enjoyed it! I fondled with my medium length, light brown hair. My emerald green eyes slowly gazed up to the surface, I’ve wanted to swim up there in hopes to find adventures many times but... I’ve always been told that the mortals were too feisty, and would kill me! I could defend myself easily but I hate violence...
   I frowned- how could we, mermaids be so judgmental? How would we know of mortals were violent or vicious if we’ve never gone up there? They could change just like we could! I gathered up some courage before speeding up to the surface-I was so close, I could see the light getting brighter and brighter. Finally I reached the top; it w
:iconaznbubblegumz:aznbubblegumz 7 0
You both looked down tenderly at the bundle of joy which was in your wife's arm. After all those hours of painful screams escaping Alice’s mouth, the months of waiting for the baby and here she was; in her mothers arms. You both smiled at each other as you placed a delicate kiss on Alice’s forehead.
“What should we name her, (male name)?” She asked looking at you. You looked at the small little girl and then thought for a moment.
“How about (girl name)? (girl name) (last name)?” You looked at her for approval as she nodded.
“What a lovely name. (Girl name), welcome to the world...” She kissed her newborn daughter’s forehead.
“Eyes of her beautiful mother...” You said as Alice blushed. She always got embarrassed over your compliments, even though you’re married, and now with a child.
“The hair of her handsome father...” She said looking at you in the eyes, you smiled
:iconaznbubblegumz:aznbubblegumz 27 3
EnglandxReader Contest Entry
EnglandxReader Contest Entry for aniloverji12
   School was boring, that’s a fact. However, this was one unit you enjoyed- Greek mythology. The fascinating stories about the gods, and what they did. How Hades was the “god” of the underworld. This unit even had the perfect movie tied in with it; Hercules. No, not that lazy kid sitting over there with a cat on his head, but Hera’s and Zeus’ kid.
You looked over at the kid sitting next to you- Arthur Kirkland. He was a British gentlemen who obviously came from England. It seemed that he was just as fascinated as you; now that you think about it, it looked as if you two were the only ones interested in this. Most of the class was either slacking off, sleeping or attempting to flirt with Arthur by winking at him as he ignored them.
The teacher was currently going on about the easiest constellation to find in the sky, Orion. How he was a hunter whom used a bow to hunt, and that eventually he died because of Scor
:iconaznbubblegumz:aznbubblegumz 30 15
fem!france by aznbubblegumz fem!france :iconaznbubblegumz:aznbubblegumz 4 5 Random Girl by aznbubblegumz Random Girl :iconaznbubblegumz:aznbubblegumz 1 3
EnglandxReader: I'd fight for you
betrayal between sisters all for a single man whom was supposedly to marry one of them- the older twin. A family war breaks out as lives are taken, this man carries his own desires, and perhaps he had opened up slowly to one of the twins . If you can sit down in patience and read through this story, you’ll find its true end.
Circles, a common shape that was in the ballroom. All you could see were women twirling around in giant ball gowns much like your own.  Eye masks were worn on their faces keeping everyone anonymous, though if ones eye was keen enough, you could see right through the masks hiding their sins. Your eyes glared coldly at everyone in this room; surely you were happy for your twin sister but was this giant ball really needed?
You loved your sister, you really did sincerely, however, the man she was marrying, you did not like at all. Not one bit. You hated and loathed him from head to toe seeing as the man clearly has no heart. He cared
:iconaznbubblegumz:aznbubblegumz 57 17
2p England's Ending Part 1
2p!England’s Ending-
All in all honestly it was a hard decision for me… But I knew who I was going to pick.
“Oliver!” I shouted running over towards him pulling him into a hug. Tears streaked down my cheeks as he wiped them away, Arthur didn’t take this so well though, instead of letting me be with Oliver, He ripped me out of Oliver’s arms and tugged me away despite my pleas, “Oliver!!!!” I shouted one last time before tears continued falling down. Why? Why was Arthur pulling me away from him? Surely I hadn’t known it before but now I realize that I love Oliver. I want to be with him even if he’s one of the many people who did experiments on me. He was forced to do it, he had no choice, and if he did then I’m sure he would’ve taken me away with him.
Arthur must’ve been fed up with me, because the next thing I saw was black- black everywhere,” Oliver please, come and get me away from this man…I- I’m begging
:iconaznbubblegumz:aznbubblegumz 8 14
The light from the moon shone down on my beaten face, bruises were everywhere as I was trapped in a cage. I looked up to the source of the light, the stars reflecting I my eyes. Oh, how I wished I could be as free as the stars! Away from this horrid place, away from these mad mans who performed nasty, illegal experiments on me.
I whimpered knowing fully well that I'd never escape this place, knowing that I was just some useless lab rat that was abused and battered.. Allow me to introduce myself.. You see, my name is (f/n), (f/n) (l/n)! I'm currently 17 years old though I've been stuck in here for as long as I can remember. My Parents died trying to protect me from these people only to fail.. If I was strong enough at the time then maybe… maybe they would still be alive! Maybe then we would all still be a big happy family! No, I mustn't think like this, surely my savior would arrive here soon and sweep me off my feet!
Or so, that's just what I'm hoping will happen; You see, I don't
:iconaznbubblegumz:aznbubblegumz 10 9
Englandxreader Starry night contest entry
Starry Night Contest entry (EnglandxReader)
You sighed as you stumbled in the kimono that wrapped around your body, Arthur, your boyfriend caught you before you could fall causing you to giggle sheepishly. Your Japanese friend kiku, otherwise known as Japan invited you over to his country and suggested that the two of you wore kimono's to relax more and get a bit of a festive feeling. Kiku mentioned that kimono's were traditionally worn during festivals and today was new years eve, you and Arthur were sitting on the wooden porch outside of Kiku's house enjoying each other's company.
"It's really nice out here isn't it Arthur?" you asked looking over at him, you looked into his deep emerald eyes which looked right back at you full of love and admiration, this caused you to blush deeply.
"It really is. But it's so much more better with you being out here with me rather than hanging with those bloody gits" He said with an annoyed look on his face as he thought about his step-brother Alfre
:iconaznbubblegumz:aznbubblegumz 19 13
[HBD]wifey! by aznbubblegumz [HBD]wifey! :iconaznbubblegumz:aznbubblegumz 4 0
[HBD Wifey!] englandxreader
[gift for clouds-kid-1] EnglandxReader
When you first woke up from dreamland, you were a little sad that the lovely dream of yours had to end for reality, but then you realized that it was your birthday. Woo...Now you were a year older than the age you were yesterday, not that it mattered since you were a personification of a country meaning that you were basically immortal...Unless, your country died that is, but even then, you would probaby live a while after that seeing as how Prussia was still alive.
Well, you really didn't want to destory your brain today nor would you ever want to destroy it. Because if you did your boyfriend England, also known as Arthur Kirkland, would have said that "your brain was way far in outer space" Just like when he said that to America when these weird Alien things with no faces tried taking over the world.
Ah yes, Arthur, you had plans with him today~ He might've seemed rough to most people but he was actually more romantic and a softie than one would
:iconaznbubblegumz:aznbubblegumz 18 5
Warning- contains boyxboy (aka yaoi) this pairing is FrUK (FrancexEngland) don't like it don't read it!~ Other than that, enjoy!
England sipped on his afternoon in absolute peace, the view outside was lovely today seeing as how it was very sunny with few clouds, birds flew around every now and then chirping in utter joy. Across from the Englishman was his husband France who was sipping on a cup of fine red wine. England smiled and got up with a content sigh before putting his gardening gloves on to tend to the roses he was growing.
Sweat rolled down his forehead as he finally finished gardening for the day, he headed inside with roses in his hand as he put them in a vase full of fresh, cold water. France came over to him and offered him a glass of water for himself as he finished off with preparing their dinner, England smiled at this- not only the at scene but at his life. Surely, it had it's ups and downs, good times and bad, hatred and lo
:iconaznbubblegumz:aznbubblegumz 20 15
FrUK roleplay on Omegle
WARNING: this contains the yaoi pairing known as FrUK (francexEngland) If you do not like them, don't read it. Also, later this contains minor groping cause its france. it's only once so... don't get too excited *shot* let's go! (annnd I was too lazy to fix all spelling mistakes.)
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You and the stranger both like Fruk.
Stranger: ((Hello.))
You: ((hi there))
Stranger: ((Would you like to rp?))
You: ((of course, who will you be?))
Stranger: ((Arthur if that is okay with you. I also have a starter.))
You: (prefect, I can do france pretty nicely go on and start)
Stranger: ((Alright))
Stranger: Arthur walked around the city of love, Paris. Tears were running down his face. He had a light jacket on because it was a bit chilly. He had his hood on so no one could see him cry. He accidentally ran into someone while not looking up. He hit the ground but didn't bother to get back up because his hood had fallen off. He covered his face with his han
:iconaznbubblegumz:aznbubblegumz 6 0
Russiaxreader prize for HetaliaMoldova
RussiaxReader prize
You shivered as you were outside in cold, the wind only made it worse. You must be crazy. To be out on a walk in this winter coldness. Yes, a walk, one foot in front of the other, on top of the once full of life leaves. Looking around you noticed how desserted it was outside, and if there were another soul out on a walk then they would enter a nearby cafe. mmm, a cafe, that sounded nice- the sound of steaming hot chocolate took over your thoughts as your feet slowly shuffled towards the cafe.
Upon reaching the building and opening the doors, you could feel the warmth of the building, the cheery atmosphere of laughter and careless-ness. The very thought of this made a smile grace upon your frozen lips, you sat down at a table near the window allowing you to view the outside- It really did not look as cold as it turned out to be.
A giant shadow then loomed out infront of you, it was quite imtimated looking which caused you to glance up, in front of you was a cute, fuf
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what happens when i try to make an icon XD by aznbubblegumz what happens when i try to make an icon XD :iconaznbubblegumz:aznbubblegumz 1 3


chibi commissions OPEN| paypal
||  $ 35  || 

♡ username:
♡ commission type: 
♡ reference of the character:
♡ name and personality of the character:
♡ extra: 
♡ paypal email:
♡ total amount:
you can send me this form on twitter: @/inioli or via email! 

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Fire Emblem: I Picked This Side Just for You by batensan Fire Emblem: I Picked This Side Just for You :iconbatensan:batensan 595 46 Lucina Animated Cursor by Glench Lucina Animated Cursor :iconglench:Glench 15 1 Daddy's little girl by AliceTheBRabbit Daddy's little girl :iconalicethebrabbit:AliceTheBRabbit 552 39 Nostalgia by carlmary Nostalgia :iconcarlmary:carlmary 538 9 Morgan by carlmary Morgan :iconcarlmary:carlmary 1,020 25 Better Places to Nap by dualbloodlines Better Places to Nap :icondualbloodlines:dualbloodlines 213 49 Chrom Animated Cursor by Glench Chrom Animated Cursor :iconglench:Glench 17 0
Fire Emblem Seven Minutes in Heaven Morgan (F)
       The moment he was standing in front of the group, Ranulf began readying things for the next turn with a smile on his face. With his arms crossed over his chest, he flicked his tail from side to side and looked out, over the remaining players. “Alright, we let one of the girls lead things last time, so this time we'll let one of the guys go.” Gesturing towards you with a simple nod, he called you up to the barrel. “I pick you to go next, so come on up here and get your item before someone else beats you to it.”
Nodding silently, you left your spot on the ground and calmly made your way to the pile. On the very top, was what looked like a giant beetle. When you picked it up, however, you realized that it was simply a very realistic looking toy. Finding it hard to believe that any of the girls would have picked out such an odd item, you turned around and held it up for the other players to see with a confused expression on your face.
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 23 1
Chrobin by Angry-Slowpoke Chrobin :iconangry-slowpoke:Angry-Slowpoke 46 6 Hetalia X Fire Emblem by Amypinkblur Hetalia X Fire Emblem :iconamypinkblur:Amypinkblur 7 6
Safety Guard
  “You want to know something, my love?”
  Robin only flashed a sweet smile at the man on top of her. Her right hand moved to cup his cheek, fingers gingerly tracing his flushed red skin. “Mmm…?” Her voice cooed into his ears, further drugging his brain into a state of passion that he truly craved.
  His smile growing wider and wider, Chrom leaned closer until their lips ghosted against one another. “I’m so happy to have you by my side…” Slowly his eyes fluttered shut, drawing in the presence of the woman he truly loved.
  Her breath was slow, uneven, then slurred to a meek, quivering giggle. “And I’m so happy to have you too…”
  “I am happy as well, but might I suggest protection, milord and milady?”
  The second they heard that certain knight’s voice, both of the royal couple froze as if someone had shot them from the back.
  Quickly they snapped their he
:iconfieryfafar:FieryFafar 43 24
Reader-Insert Generator: Fire Emblem: Awakening
Reader-Insert Generator for Fire Emblem: Awakening
For when you have writers block or just want an idea or inspiration to a reader-insert or any other fanfic for FE:A cause all the characters need more love, and reader-inserts.
You can either use a random number generator or just think of a number between, for example, 1 – 25 and use what you get or just pick whatever, or not. It is totally up to you.
No matter if you are going to use what you get or not, I would like to know what you got, so feel free to comment!

It is okay:
• To change what you got if you are not comfortable and/or can’t work with what you got.
• To pick without deciding on a number or using a random number generator.
• To use some of the options you get and not all of them.
• To tell me if I missed someone or something, if I have made a typo, if you have a question regarding this Generator and/or if you have a type/setting/character/genre/whatever that you think should b
:icontwinvampire:TwinVampire 23 43
Fire Emblem Seven Minutes in Heaven Lucina
        “Since someone's passed out in the tent we've been using, I got another tent all ready to go. Hopefully no one faints in this one.” Laughing cheerfully, Edward decided to continue letting the guys lead the turns. So, instead of picking out one of the many excited, eager girls, he picked you to go next. “I'm sure you've already figured this out by now, but you're going to be our next player.” Placing his hand on your shoulder, Edward gave you a little shove to get you going. “Hurry over there and pick out something out for yourself.”
“Will do.” Glad your wait was over, you rose to your feet and stretched. As you made your way to the barrel of items, you couldn't help but notice the bored look covering most of the girl's faces. “A word of advice, you might want to let a girl go next. They're starting to look a little bit bored.” Already elbow deep in items, you grasped onto something rigid and pulled
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 28 8
What Time is It? by AskDuhSmashters What Time is It? :iconaskduhsmashters:AskDuhSmashters 153 22
Fire Emblem SMIH Avatar/Robin (M)
      Due to how late it was, the number of players was quickly dwindling. Edward too had turned in for the night and left you temporarily with a new host. “Alright, since certain people just couldn't keep their eyes open anymore, I'm going to be your host. We'll just have to see how this goes. So, is everyone ready to play?” Ranulf stepped in front of the barrel and slowly swished his tail back and forth. Since you were in the front of the line, he waved you up to take your turn. “I believe you're supposed to be next. Come on up.”
“Why thank you Ranulf, I believe I will.” Trying not to seem as tired as you felt, you pushed yourself off of the ground and lazily dug around for your item. Crumpled up and hidden under several much more interesting objects, was a completely blank sheet of paper. For some reason, as boring as the paper was, that item had to be yours. “I choose this.”
Though it was dark, the light of the fire was
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 83 3


Still alive.

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 24, 2014, 8:50 AM


"You just can't wait for me to die can you?"


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Basically to commish people.Pay for commissions here! XD

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Commission Prices~ [OPEN!]

5 points for a one shot, I will not do chapters this time of a year due to school.


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(only three slots so that I don't stress out)

Please do note me or comment on my page if you want a commission done ^^

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Hello, my name is Amy, I used to be a big fan of Hetalia, however I am no longer that big of a fan. I've instead joined the fire emblem fandom, however I will not be writing fanfics anymore purely because I've lost all desire to write anything (unless it's a commission, that's the only exception). I appreciate it if you like my previous works, and I will leave them up for people to enjoy. I'm rarely on here these days, but I still don't have the heart to delete my account or anything because I do occasionally visit and I have many fond memories on here with some people that I met.

I graduated high school in 2015, and currently, I'm not doing anything in life, except recording videos in hopes that one day I may become a Youtuber. Even if I know the chances of that happening is slim to none, you never know unless you try. After all, "It's not embarrassing when you try something and fail, it's embarrassing if you never try at all".


Alright first off this really does look amazing, its a master piece and I seriously wish that I had your skills but there are some thin...

by rynoki

Alright well this is mt first Critique so bear with me here! So I'd say that it's pretty well done, the font was picked out nicely and ...



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