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JapanxReader Commission for Clouds-kid-1

You gazed up at the moon that was up in the dark sky, the stars surrounded it causing it to look beautiful, there was not a single cloud in the sky. It was perfect. You reached your arms to the side, and started chewing on a piece of mochi- yes, you were moon viewing with Japan. He had invited you over saying that there would be a clear sky today and a full moon and that his house had a very pretty view of it, you really couldn't agree more as you watched the moon with awe.

"You know _____-san, there are bunnies on the moon that are pounding more mochi?" The japanese man said to you in his usual quiet and calm voice, you looked over at him fascinated, you did not know that! Even if it was just a myth that the Japanese created, it sounded very interesting!

"Really? Is that true Japan?" you asked him as you cutely tilted your head to the side, he nodded at you with a small smile on his face.

"Hai it is.  It is said that there are bunnies on the moon that keep on pounding mochi and other rice cakes on the moon until there is a full moon. When there is, they eat it." This was so interesting to you, yet the idea of bunnies pounding rice cakes, sounded very cute and appealing to you. You smiled at him a bit and took his hand, he gasped from the touch and tried moving his hands away from your grasp, you giggled at this a bit and let go.

"Aren't two people who go moon viewing supposed you hold hands?" You asked him, he looked over at you for a minute.

"Hai...." He muttered under his breath, it was as if he didn't want you to hear it but then again, he does have that "no touchy" rule... As a close friend of his and a person who has developed a crush on him, you were going to change that tonight.

"Then let's hold hands!" You shouted at him, he looked over at you for a second then let out a deep sigh as he reached over and held your hand in his, this action surprized you. You hadn't expected for him to actually hold hands with you. After finally recovering from the shock, you smiled lightly and lightly gripped his hand as if you were comforting him. A large, red blush spread across his face and he looked away from you and back up at the moon, you quietly giggled at his actions, he was just so cute at times!

He seemed to have noticed your giggling because he turned towards you with a questional look, you lightly laughed at this, when was the last time you've seen him with tha look? Oh god you didn't even know anymore! You must restrain yourself from squealing like a fan-girl though. You had to. You must. It's now on your to-do list. And let's just say that your mission failed because you started squealing loudly causing Japan to jump a bit in surprize at your sudden outburst.

" I-I'm sorry! it's just that your s-so c-cute!" you stuttered as you continued to fan-girl, hell you even got up and started jumping around a bit, you finally calmed down, you sat back down and looked back up at the moon like nothing happened. You then heard a scratching sound, you looked back over at Japan and noticed that he was drawing something, you peeped over his shoulder and saw what he was drawing. It was you while you were cheering! His art skills were amazing! But maybe that was because he was the personification of Japan, that would make sense.

"kawaii." was all he said as he kept drawing. you sweat dropped a bit then he took the paper off of his sketching book and showed to to you, everything was very detailed and it obviously, was in some sort of anime drawing, but what caught your attention the most, was the heart at the top that had a word in it.


You knew enough Japanese to understand what that meant, and you looked up at him with a blush on your face, his head was down and you smiled widely.

"Aishteru Japan~" you said, that caught his attention as he looked up and you, he looked like he lost his ability to speak or something because he kept opening and closing his mouth, perhaps he was speechless.

"I- Arigato _____-chan." he said while bowing down to you, you took his hand again and looked up at the moon with him then you did something you had not expected to do- you kissed him. His lips were so soft and light, you could barely even feel it against your own lips, but you knew he was kissing back, even if it was shyly. You didn't expect any more or less from him because it was still perfect. You both held onto each others hands tightly as you both turned your gazes from each others eyes back to the moon.

If It weren't for the moon and the beautiful night, you wouldn't be with the one you truly loved, you were both so close now, and you knew his feelings now too. Eventually you guys started dating, while Japan, wasn't fond of public actions, he could be very bold when you were alone with him. The two of you also made it a tradition to go moon viewing every time the moon was full, regardless of the weather- it was a way to thank and appreciate it.

The end~
Commission for :iconclouds-kid-1: She wanted a JapanxReader~ (thank you for commissioning me again too by the way!

This is what happens when I write a JapanxReader while listening to Dango Daikazoku.... I was actually going to make the reader sing at one point but decided against that... hope everyone enjoyed this!

Hetalia Characters (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You (c) Yourself and/or Japan
Story (c) Me~
MurderScreamer Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2012  Professional General Artist
I would've fangirl squealed all night if I was with Japan XD
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